Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Clear Hearts, Grey Flowers limited edition shirt.

In celebration of the 14th anniversary re-release (July 17th 2000) of Clear Hearts, Grey Flowers, Jack Off Jill's second full-length and final album, Mark Ryden has graciously allowed House Of Addams to reproduce his painting of the same title on high quality limited edition shirts. This is the first time these shirts have been made with the permission of both Jack Off Jill and Mark Ryden. These shirts are are exclusively available from House Of Addams through Red Square.
Due to high demand, high quality and attention to detail, these shirts are sold by pre order.
Pre Orders are open until July 17th 2014.

Shirts will be shipped out within 1-2 weeks from the last day of presale.*
*If you order another item along with the Clear Hearts t-shirt all the items will be shipped together. If you would like to order an additional item and not have to wait you will need to create a seperate order.
Fourteen years later Clear Hearts, Grey Flowers is still an important album to many and will be for future generations to come. Thanks for years of support.

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